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Slides from Dr. Wills and Dr. Suh - April 30, 2022

4_30_22 Math Specialist Institute
VA Math Coaching Institute

Math strength Spring Symposium

This symposium will give an overview of the quick and easy to use Bridging for Math Strength resources along with choice breakout sessions on how to make the most out of these powerful resources. Don’t miss out, register today for this opportunity held on February 22 at 5:00-6:15 p.m. Breakout sessions include:

Bridging for Math Session Menu

Sponsored by VDOE and GMU

February 22, 2022 (TUES)

Begins at 5pm in the VDOE Zoom

Then Session starts in Breakout Session ZOOM links below at 5:15pm

Vertical Articulation: Explore the vertical articulation of mathematics concepts across grade levels to support students more effectively by aligning strategies, verbiage, problem types, questioning, and sequence of activities.

Link to Slides to Vertical Articulation Session

Leveraging Technology: Explore some of the technology enhanced Routines, Tasks and Games on the Building Math Strengths website. We will discuss how these items can be adapted and used to reinforce and enhance instruction.

Link to Slides on Leveraging Technology with Math Strength

Engaging Parents: Build off parent strengths! Learn ideas about how to bring math, and positive math talk, into the home. Harness the affordances of games and learn structures that allow students to WANT to play games at home.

2/22/22 Symposium & VCTM Math Strength Team 3 Parent engagement

Productive Struggle & Purposeful Questioning: Teachers will share how to strategically use purposeful questions and the Bridging for Math Strength resources to support productive struggle. Classroom vignettes will showcase how to build on student strength and advance thinking through questioning.

2/22/22 Symposium & VCTM Math Strength Team 4 Productive Struggle and Purposeful Questioning

Launch of our resource

This webinar introduced Bridging for Math Strength Resources that will assist in bridging concepts from prior grade level content to the current grade level content. Starting with a focused look at the learning progression, each module helps to identify students’ strengths; and provide strategies to advance mathematical learning through engaging bridging activities (i.e., routines, tasks, and games).

Bridging for Math Strength Webinar - Grades K-2

Bridging for Math Strength Webinar - Grades 3-8

Bridging for Math Strength Webinar - Part 2
Deeper Dive with Math Strength

This Flipgrid video also demonstrates how our Bridging for Math Strength Resources can be used to support instructional planning for asset-based instruction. Enjoy!

Our teacher designers are excited to share how they are using the Bridging for Math Strength resources. This is one of our teacher designers, Stephanie Kessinger who shared this resource with her district. Enjoy!